Fortuniana Rootstock

Now, you might be wondering, "What in the world is Fortuniana Rootstock?" Don't worry, we've got you covered. Think of it as the superhero sidekick to your beloved roses. It's like the Robin to your Batman, the Luigi to your Mario, the peanut butter to your jelly... you get the idea.

Fortuniana Rootstock is a special type of rootstock that provides a strong and healthy foundation for your roses to grow and thrive. It's like giving your roses a VIP pass to the best nutrients and water in town. With Fortuniana Rootstock, your roses will be standing tall, flaunting their vibrant colors, and emitting the most heavenly fragrances.

All About Fortuniana Rootstock -  



What is Fortuniana Rootstock?

Fortuniana rootstock is derived from a species of rose known as Rosa fortuniana. This particular species is native to China and was highly valued for its vigorous growth, disease resistance, and ability to thrive in various soil conditions. Dr. Fortunatii recognized the potential of Rosa fortuniana as a rootstock and began experimenting with grafting techniques to propagate roses using this resilient species.

Through years of careful selection and hybridization, Dr. Fortunatii developed a superior rootstock that possessed all the desirable traits of Rosa fortuniana. This new rootstock, now known as Fortuniana, became widely adopted by rose growers around the world. 


Fortuniana Rootstock for the southern states:

In the southern states, where nematodes can pose a persistent problem for gardeners, Fortuniana Rootstock becomes even more valuable. Nematodes are microscopic worms that can wreak havoc on plant roots, leading to stunted growth, wilting, and even death. However, by using this rootstock, you can effectively protect your garden roses from the damaging effects of nematodes.

Fortuniana Rootstock is known for its resistance to nematodes, making it an ideal choice for rose enthusiasts in regions where these pests are prevalent. By incorporating Fortuniana into your garden, you can enjoy the beauty and fragrance of your roses without the constant worry of nematode infestations. This rootstock has been extensively tested and proven to enhance the overall performance of garden roses, resulting in stronger plants with increased flower production.                           

Nelsons' teams up with the University of Florida:

Fortuniana has a root system that is second to none. Dr. S.C. McFadden of the University of Florida’s Horticulture Department saw the potential of Fortuniana and teamed up with Nelsons’ in the late 1950’s to explore the possibilities of Fortuniana in Florida. He determined this rootstock, or understock, was very resistant to nematode damage and well suited for the sandy soils of Florida. Dr. McFadden also noted the vigor with which roses grafted on this rootstock grew. This sparked the interest of the Nelsons to pursue this rootstock. Several studies have been conducted to compare size, longevity and number of blooms using all types of rootstock –in every test, Fortuniana has proven to be superior.